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Although Opals are a magnificent and unique gem, they are softer and more fragile than most crystalline gems as diamonds or sapphires.

Your opal should last forever if you protect your stone from heavy blows, abrasive materials, and don't subject it to extreme sudden heat changes.

Avoid plastic bags and dry storage conditions when storing opals. Soft cloth bags with padding are ideal for opals. If storing a solid opal, take it out for an occasional wipe with a damp cloth or a dip in fresh water.

Opals are composed of between three and 20 per cent water and as such, they should not allowed to freeze or dry out. In the case of solid opal, an occasional light rinsing in fresh water is recommended. However, never immerse a triplet or doublet opal in water for any reason whatsoever because such an action may break down the adhesive quality of the glass.

Due to the differing percentage of water, Opals may easily become brittle, thus if stored too dry or exposed to heat over a longer period of time, Opals will show fissures and the play of colour will become paler. Therefore, Opal jewellery should be worn as often as possible, for then the gemstone will receive the needed humidity from the air and from the skin of its wearer.

If you wear your opals daily, they could lose some of their polish over a long period of time. In just a few minutes an experienced jeweller can simply re-polish the surface to bring back your opal's original brilliance and shine.

Australian opal is found in sedimentary rocks over 100 million years old. The majority is quite hard and will scratch glass! However there are a few areas that produce unstable material that will crack or craze. It is important to buy your opal from reputable traders who guarantee their stones.

JAA Member

JAA Member

Established in 1931, the Jewellers Association of Australia (JAA) works to represent and protect the interests of the jewellery industry and its consumers. With a membership of around 1200 outlets, the JAA is a national organisation that covers all areas of the jewellery industry - from manufacturing, wholesaler, distribution, to retail.

Opal Association Member

Opal Association Member

The Opal Association is based in Australia and has industry members from around the world. It is administered by an executive committee that meets quarterly. The Association has subsequently attracted a diverse membership of opal miners, cutters, manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers of many year experience.