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Victorian Bracelet

Victorian Bracelet

A lover of opals, Queen Victoria made certain that all her subjects knew she did not subscribe to the rumors and superstitions surrounding the stones. Proving her point, she wore and collected opals throughout her epic reign.

Queen Victoria wore opals throughout her reign.

Andamooka Opal

The Andamooka Opal

In 1954, an extensive search for the finest opal ever found at the South Australian opal fields was announced by the South Australian Government.

The opal would be presented to Queen Elizabeth II on the occasion of her first visit to Australia. An outstanding piece of rough opal which had been mined at Andamooka was submitted. The Government selected this opal as the most appropriate and befitting gemstone for this auspicious occasion.

Once cut it weighed 203 carats and displayed a magnificent array of colours including red, blue and green. It was set with diamonds into an 18 carat palladium necklet.

The Opal was cut and polished then set into a diamond necklet with matching earrings, and presented to the Queen at a state banquet in Adelaide

  Opal Gifts

Opal gifts fit for a future king

Thursday, 28 September 2006

LRMA NOTES: Waiting, waiting, waiting for HRH Crown Princess Mary and HRH Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark to bring their future king to Australia is not in the nature of the Jewellers Association of Australia (JAA).

Having organized exquisite gifts - a boulder opal pendant encased in gold for HRH Crown Princess Mary and a set of custom made opal cuff-links set in gold for HRH Crown Prince Frederik, the JAA could wait no longer! If the future king's mum and dad don't have plans to visit Australia then what to do? Yes, take the gifts to Denmark and present them in their Royal Highnesses' own courtyard.

The presentation took place recently at the Chancellery House in the grounds of Fredensborg Palace by Graham Peterson, representing the JAA Opal & Gemstone Council.

The magnificent gifts crafted by John Iskenderian of Sydney are said to have a retail value of around A$60,000 and epitomise the ultimate beauty of Australia's national gemstone.

The 'Sunrise' for HRH Princess of Denmark is a magnificent boulder opal pendant, aptly named by John Iskenderian due to the brilliant red-orange hues that rise from the bottom of the opal to the top right-hand corner of the stone, reminiscent of the sun rising over the desert in the Australian outback.

The 18kt white gold and diamond boulder opal cufflinks were named the 'Flags' and represent the red of the Danish flag and the blue of the Australian flag; these were presented to HRH the Princess as HRH the Prince of Denmark was unable to attend.

Of particular note and sign of good fortune is little Prince Christian was born in October, and his birthstone therefore is opal!

Article courtesy of "The Ridge News"

JAA Member

JAA Member

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Opal Association Member

Opal Association Member

The Opal Association is based in Australia and has industry members from around the world. It is administered by an executive committee that meets quarterly. The Association has subsequently attracted a diverse membership of opal miners, cutters, manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers of many year experience.