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Play of color (or fire) may come in many patterns. Pattern refers to the physical structure and form of the play of color. An Opal's beauty is unique and made from the amazing play of spectral colours unique to this gemstone. This originates from the breaking up of white light due to the three dimensional spherical shaped microstructure of the silica particles inherent in the opal.

Similar phenomena of colour hues can be observed when oil lies on water or the play of light giving rise to a rainbow.

The value of an opal is determined by the type of opal, the predominant colours it exhibits, the clarity or brilliance of these colours and the patterns in which the colours are arrayed. Good patterns of the diffracted colours have a significant impact on the value of the opal. The most common patterns are pinfire and flake fire which look like tiny pinpoints or small flakes of color. Distinct patterns such as rolling flash, straw pattern, Chinese writing, ribbon, and especially harlequin, are very rare and considered collectors' items.

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